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With HootSmart your products will always remain in the shopping basket no matter what website you visit.

When browsing Google, to save web page content click on OMNiKLiCK's icon (Google Chrome Only)

Extnsion-arrow + Add to chrome Note: Android, Apple, FF & IE are currently under development

To get the best out of OMNiKLiCK, Only Save Webpages that are of Real Interest or products & services you, or your friends intend to buy. Then share these with friends and family.

How does OMNiKLiCK work?
  • Install the Google chrome extension
  • Search the Internet or OMNiKLiCK and save Favourites to your wish list
  • Create New Groups
  • Assign products to groups
  • Send an invitation via the blue messenger Send button
  • Share groups with friends and family of your choice

Better than Amazon & Pinterest: All Wish Lists On OMNiKLiCK are Private by Default. Read: Daily Mail

Best trending products: Unlike paid advertising where users can only choose from products offered by the highest bidder, OMNiKLiCK's filters guarantee best content season by season, topic by topic, refined, by the actions of 1000s of individual consumers. In fact, the more people who use OMNiKLiCK the more difficult it is for search engine marketers to try and influence your search results.

Bruce Abbott
Managing Director
OmniKlick Ltd



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